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Okay, I will make it simple! This is a poetry community mostly just to post your poetry for people to read. You might not get a lot of comments, but know that we love your poetry nonetheless!
Second, if you feel like advertising, please make sure it is poetry related (if it is anything else email Jae @ Jaebird@livejournal.com) and will get back to you (hopefully) I have nothing against advertising other communities in general.
Just make it pretty and not too big of a post.
Third and hopefully final. Please don't post with really bad font. It really helps if we can see your entry!!! And if you post with a picture, please make sure it is small to medium. No large pictures please.
I don't like to delete posts/entries. But I will for the sake of the rest of the community.
Oops that is not all. I overall don't care about length of poems, I actually don't like clicking on lj cuts in general to open them up. But if your poem is HUGE, please do an lj cut if you want (if you fear the wrath of community members) but in general, just have at it. And please, no fighting in the comments :)
Have a nice day

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