jamezilla1 (jamezilla1) wrote in poetic_rains,

Untitled 2012-B

I tossed down a mirror and it shattered.
But unlike even my camera it still functioned perfectly
In turning back an image of me,
Of you,
Of even kings or slaves or of God
No battery failure or planned obsolescence there

I even tried harder to make it stop
I swirled pieces around
In circles on the ground
And it still functioned, though I did not fare as well
My fingers and palms were in shreds
Around the shards, for all my efforts, I bled.

Now I had to really try to undo this old technology
One with little special terminology
Repairing myself from my destructive urge
Gave me time to think of how to purge
This device of the image it held
Because what I do not like to see
Are reflections of me

Mirror, mirror around for ages
Distracting lovers, make fools of sages
What good are you to me
If I am to dispose of vanity?
For some can only see their flaws
Despite your presentation of natural laws

So I found I had to take it apart
Remove the pieces from it’s heart
Then I could look the mirror right in the center and not see me
But what to do with the pieces
I will give them to you and you and you
When you look upon them do you see me?
No, you see something I’d rather be

June-August 2012
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